Przemek Adolf

Przemek Adolf

Chef, Locavangelist & Owner

Przemek is a travel obsessed foodie. Having cooked and eaten his way through a big chunk of the world, he was inspired by the uniqueness of regional cuisines, the people he shared meals with and the freshness of local ingredients. He wanted to share his food adventures with people back home in Brooklyn so after 5 years living abroad he came back to NYC and founded Saucy By Nature.

As a self trained chef who made his first souffle at the age of 12, he began crafting a company that brought his food to outdoor markets like Smorgasburg, New Amsterdam and the Brooklyn Flea. Word spread of his creations and he started being invited to cook in individuals homes, at private events and even selling his products at local and national retailers.

He draws on his knowledge of the best seasonal ingredients coupled with techniques and flavors from around the world. He is always searching out the freshest farm vegetables, fruits and meats and the tastiest local artisanal products to create menus and products that reflected his commitment to effecting positive change through ethical business and food practices.

Shayla Nastasi

Event Manager

Other than perfecting her chocolate chip cookie recipe, nothing pleases Shayla Nastasi more than putting on an event to remember. It’s her passion for details, lists and a well curated cheese board that bring her to event planning.

Her mantra is, “Know where your meal comes from and enjoy it deeply.” Shayla is involved in the Brooklyn food scene where she advocates for local producers, gets her hands dirty in the garden and spends her free time researching craft beers. 

You can spot Shayla biking around the borough with a bag of vegetables in tow or following Shiba Inus around the neighborhood.



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