Visit us at 884 Fulton Street (corner of Waverly), Brooklyn, NY 11238

Visit us at 884 Fulton Street (corner of Waverly), Brooklyn, NY 11238

Farm to table cuisine focused on homestyle seasonal menus inspired by global street food and comfort food. We are only 5% of food establishments in NYC that recycle and compost. We produce only 1 bag of trash per week! We also believe in treating our our employees fairly and therefore pay a NYC living wage. We welcome you to share in our mission by sitting down at our table.


Our 3 tier approach to reducing our waste to zero:

  • Compost all of our organic matter (eg. carrot tops, apple peels, etc.) and recycle plastics, paper and metal
  • Use surplus ingredients from catering for our daily changing Saucy restaurant menus
  • Donate leftovers to food pantries

In creating custom events for private parties and weddings, we have a wide variety of phenomenal ingredients we are sourcing from farmers, makers and sustainable distributors. However, when you're ordering bulk items you inevitably end up with surplus product. And if the next client doesn't have that item on their menu the ingredients go bad and have to be thrown out.

No longer! We opened Saucy By Nature restaurant September 1st 2015 to be centered around daily changing menus that make use of these ingredients to make lunch and dinner meals in order to reduce our food waste to zero. These daily changing menus will be seasonal, using fresh surplus ingredients reflective of our street food inspired catering menus. Help support us in our efforts to make our restaurant that much closer to true sustainability. So it's your turn to put your money where your mouth is and come visit us!


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Delivery service ONLY Mon-Thurs 6pm-9:30pm


Restaurant will open with a full Liquor License and brand new menu from our new and very talented chef in March 2016. Stay tuned for the delicious details including special events throughout February!